Robocall Detection

Today's robocallers are smarter than ever. Scout does not rely on crowd sourcing or government lists, but rather uses live network data and an advanced algorithm to detect robocalls faster than anyone.

Geographic Info

Obtain carrier data that connects each North American phone number to a City, State, LATA and Time Zone.

Operating Company

 Learn the Operating Company information for all North American numbers, even if the number has been ported to a new carrier. This information includes the carrier name, wireless vs. landline, and Operating Company Number.

Dependable Data

Scout sources government and other authoritative data, as opposed to commercial and user-created data, to provide reliable intelligence on each request. As a result, all valid numbers should return a minimum of country, state, and city info.

EnDLESS Possibilities

  • Quick and easy to signup and use

  • Seamlessly integrated into Twilio call flows using marketplace Addon

  • Pay for only what you use; no fixed monthly cost, no term commitment, Try for free here

  • Block or filter unwanted robocalls

  • Learn more about your callers

  • Analyze your own phone numbers

  • Validate user input from the web

  • Improve SMS message deliverable rates

  • Strategically order your outbound calls

  • Intelligently route and prioritize your inbound calls

Why Scout

Even in today’s world of mobile, VoIP, and burner phones, in order to connect to the telephone network, every phone number must be associated with an actual, physical switch.  

Unlike services that attempt to tie phone numbers to users using third-party data, Scout uses the authoritative carrier data, without which, a number could not exist.  

Additionally, Number Scout uses real-time data from carrier partners as well as advanced heuristics to determine how likely a call is a robocall.

Scout is a one-stop shop for call centers to learn valuable information about callers, waste less time, reduce fraud, and make more intelligent decisions.


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