How To Use Scout To Generate A Report On A List Of Phone Numbers

RapidAPI Account

  • Sign Up for a Plan


  • Install Docker on your computer

Input File

  • Create a text file with the phone numbers you'd like to analyze
    • One phone number per row
    • Each number in e164 format or North American dialing format

Input File Format

Example numbers.csv file



Run this command to collect the results in output.csv

export SCOUT_DOMAIN=<your-rapidapi-scout-domain>
export RAPIDAPI_KEY=<your-rapidapi-key>

cat numbers.csv | docker run --env SCOUT_DOMAIN=$SCOUT_DOMAIN --env RAPIDAPI_KEY=$RAPIDAPI_KEY -i -a stdout icehook/scout-util:latest / --run-lookups > output.csv


Results in output.csv

+12125551234;+12125551234;America/New_York;EST;-05:00;Northeast;Middle Atlantic;;New York County;New York;NY;New York;Manhattan;;Midtown;...
+14043025678;+14043025678;America/New_York;EST;-05:00;South;South Atlantic;;Fulton County;Georgia;GA;Atlanta;;;Downtown;...
+16023339876;+16023339876;America/Phoenix;MST;-07:00;West;Mountain;;Maricopa County;Arizona;AZ;Phoenix;;;...